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Acarina [HOT]

  • Print This Page Major Groups Acarina / Acari (mites) Acarina / Acari (mites) Mites are a major component in benthic and hyporheic communities of freshwater systems, but can be left behind or left unidentified due to their small size. Mites are distinguished from spiders by the body form. Water mites have the cephalothorax and abdomen completely fused whereas the spider body is divided into two parts, head/thorax (cephalothorax) and abdomen. The red, green, blue or yellow body colours of living mites are distinctive although not necessarily species specific. They can often be seen as little coloured dots zipping around in an invertebrate sample. Fish find the red coloured species distasteful but may eat the other species on occasion. True aquatic mites belong to the Minor Group Hydracarina and Halacaroidea. However, some species from other Minor Groups are frequently collected in routine monitoring. Descriptive Features: antennae absent 2 pairs of feeding appendages body with no sign of external division or segmentation, often globular but may also be flattened or depressed dorsally, body surface may be smooth, rough, leathery, soft, or sclerotised 4 pairs of legs, frequently fringed with swimming hairs Total length: up to 5 mm

Taxonomic Checklist: Halacaroidea Hydracarina / Hydrachnidiae Mesostigmata Oribatida Trombidioidea


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