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Best Weed Stocks To Buy

If you thought last year was difficult for the broad-market stock indexes, take a closer look at how marijuana stocks fared. The vast majority of publicly traded pot stocks lost more than half of their value in 2022 as high inflation, growing competition, and a lack of cannabis reform on Capitol Hill weighed on the industry.

best weed stocks to buy

But a big down year for weed stocks may be the green light investors have been waiting for. Research firm BDSA is still estimating that global cannabis sales will nearly double from $30 billion in 2021 to $57 billion by 2026, with the U.S. accounting for roughly three-quarters of this $57 billion. With consumers treating cannabis as a nondiscretionary good and buying pot products even in the face of high inflation and a weaker economic outlook, it could be a smart industry to invest in during the ongoing bear market.

IIP is also one of the few cannabis stocks benefiting from the lack of progress reforming federal marijuana laws. The company's sale-leaseback program seeks to acquire facilities with cash and immediately leases the property back to the seller. These sale-leaseback agreements put cash into the hands of multistate operators (MSOs) that might otherwise have limited access to basic banking services. In return, IIP lands long-term tenants.

Among U.S. MSOs, Green Thumb Industries (GTBIF -2.86%) is, arguably, the best pot stock to buy in 2023. Even with increased competition in the U.S., Green Thumb brings clearly defined catalysts to the table.

The final stock on my list is Tilray (TSX:TLRY), a Canada-based marijuana producer. Tilray has reported 14 consecutive quarters of positive adjusted EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization), which is a rarity among TSX pot stocks.

The online investing service they've run for nearly a decade, Motley Fool Stock Advisor Canada, is beating the TSX by 16 percentage points. And right now, they think there are 5 stocks that are better buys.

Tilray Brands (NASDAQ:TLRY) stock is possibly the best bet among cannabis stocks. When Joe Biden was elected as President, TLRY stock had gone ballistic and surged to $63.9. A deep correction, however, followed regulatory headwinds.

When it comes to popular investing trends, cannabis stocks are near the top of the list. The marijuana industry has grown rapidly over the past decade. And this makes investing in cannabis a more attractive opportunity than ever.

As marijuana legalization becomes more widespread, it's going to become more common to find marijuana stocks in investors' portfolios. You may find yourself wondering whether you should be joining in.

The main benefit of considering getting into marijuana stocks right now is that the prices have fallen sharply due to oversupply and the marijuana bubble bursting, causing cannabis stocks to be at bottom-level prices. That said, there are signs that the cannabis industry could see signs of growth shortly.

Another excellent reason to invest in MJ stocks is the large number of companies to choose from, some of which carry less risk than others. One of the reasons people are hesitant to invest in marijuana stocks is that these companies may have a more difficult time getting financing through traditional means. But plenty of companies offer ancillary products and services that don't hit these same roadblocks.

This ETF invests in the global market, however, it's main holding is BlackRock Liquidity Treasury which comprises 27.59% of the fund. Individual stocks include Village Farms Internationial, Innovative Industrial Properties, GrowGeneration Corp, and Tilray. These comprise another 38.7%.

As you might expect, there are a lot of ups and downs in the marijuana industry as the market and regulators figure out how it's all going to work. However, there is also a lot of potential for gains if you pick the right marijuana stocks or EFT to invest in.

This article takes a deep dive into the marijuana industry, in search of the best marijuana stocks today. Surprisingly, there are over 100 to choose from with full or partial exposure to the marijuana industry.

Growth stocks that are priced for perfection can disappoint investors and produce underwhelming total returns, even if the original thesis about strong underlying growth rates for the industry proves true.

In recent years, we have already seen this play out to some degree. Despite further legalization of marijuana in additional countries and states, the stocks of many cannabis companies have underwhelmed, as profit margins are slim for many of these companies, and since valuations were too high, which caused multiple compression headwinds over the years.

The Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences Index ETF has moved down since our last update. Share price declines in a range of cannabis stocks have caused its net asset value to decline, and rising interest rates and high inflation lead to lower interest from investors when it comes to investing in oftentimes barely profitable growth stocks.

Most marijuana companies do not have a long history of revenues or earnings because the legal marijuana industry is still relatively young. It seems likely that those marijuana companies with the highest sales base and the largest production capacity have the greatest chance of generating above-average margins in the future. Reasons for this include economics of scale, operating leverage, and the fact that those with the most experience are likely the best at bringing down costs of production.

This primarily includes consumer goods companies (beverage stocks, tobacco stocks) that have ventured into the marijuana space, but that continue to generate the majority of their revenues and earnings in another industry. Our top five picks among these companies are analyzed below.

Investors get a dividend that yields 1.4% from Constellation Brands, which is not really a lot, but better than what one receives from pure-play cannabis stocks, as those generally make no dividend payments at all. At the same time, the stake in Canopy Growth allows for substantial upside potential in case things go well.

Among those stocks with indirect exposure, there are several ones that are reasonably to attractively priced and that offer an above-average dividend yield on top of that. These companies give investors the ability to benefit from future growth opportunities in the marijuana industry without taking on a lot of risk.

That said, investors should not blindly jump into this industry based solely on the market potential. Many of the companies in this industry are not profitable, and may never reach profitability. As a result, investing in marijuana stocks is fraught with risk. It is not guaranteed that all major marijuana companies (some of which are valued at several billion dollars) will grow into their valuations in a reasonable amount of time.

Investors should take a close look at all relevant data points before making any decisions, especially in a higher-risk environment such as the marijuana industry. Choosing lower-risk stocks which allow for some indirect exposure to the industry could be an opportune move for investors, especially for those that desire regular and reliable dividend income from their stock holdings.

Despite cannabis stocks having a very challenging year, this quarter has been quite strong. The New Cannabis Ventures Global Cannabis Stock Index is up 31.4% since 9/30, when it posted an all-time closing low:

At 420 Investor, we focus on 31 stocks and hold just 12 currently in our model portfolios. We are careful to avoid heavily promoted stocks, we look for management teams that are strong and we pay attention to the financials and are always checking the story, too.

The current state of prohibition means higher taxes, as well as more compliance regulations and increased costs. An end to this prohibition would result in higher cash flows and presumably higher valuations. Large corporations have already started preparing for this by buying out smaller companies in a move to raise their valuation and stock prices. In the same measure, seasoned stock investors are piling up their stocks to boost their portfolios in 2022.

Regardless of your experience in stock investment, it pays to have a deeper understanding of how the industry works. For this reason, we've prepared a guide that will get you up to speed on the cannabis industry. We've also compiled a list of the top five cannabis stocks that are currently doing well and are expected to maintain that trend in the coming year.

And this isn't the only cannabis-related company that is showing significant growth. Other industry players like POSaBIT Systems have also grown tremendously through the pandemic. As more states legalize cannabis, the companies that play their cards right are a solid bet for your cannabis stocks.

Apart from POSaBIT's impressive sales record, there is also a tactical element that makes the company's stocks even more alluring. The company has started trading on the American OTC markets under the ticker POSAF. This gives US investors a chance to cash in on the price and reward those already on the company's shares under Canadian listings.

What's more alluring than 100% YTD returns, a 1.5x price-to-sales ratio, and a growing interest in up to six US states? These simple facts alone make MedMen (NEO: MMEN, CTCMKTS: MMNFF) one of the most enticing stocks for any investor looking to make a huge profit in 2022.

Cannabis stocks have a lot of potential for profitability. That being said, they come with their fair share of risks. But if you are an aggressive investor with high-risk tolerance, you should definitely go for it.

But for those who have been observing cannabis companies from the sidelines, pondering whether or not to get into the space now that stock prices of the biggest licensed-producers are significantly higher than they were two years ago, is now the right time to buy? Will pot stocks soar or crash after October 17th, when recreational weed officially becomes legal? 041b061a72

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