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DigiCal Calendar Apk Mod Unlocked Extra Quality

With a powerful and clean agenda view, you can easily schedule and follow your appointments and plans. Feel free to make use of the beautiful and customizable widgets to easily manage your life at the home screen. Make use of the premium schedules that you can apply to your own calendar. Unlock global weather forecasts that can help you unlock detailed weather forecasts.

DigiCal Calendar Apk Mod Unlocked

And for those of you who are interested, you can get access to more than 560,000 public schedules created by worldwide users that follow public holidays, sports events, TV schedules, and other important aspects of life. Have yourself the perfectly comprehended calendar for holiday, sport, TV, finance, lifestyle, and so on, simply by applying these public schedules to your own.

With DigiCal Calendar Agenda, Android users can enable notifications with snooze options, along with maps and navigation details regarding the certain events. Thus, making it easier for you to follow the plans. And the local calendar will enable extra privacy, in which you can choose to not sync your data. The app also combines date and time pickers so you can enjoy faster scheduling in DigiCal Calendar Agenda. And by featuring RSVP you can easily manage your invitations as well as replying to the organizer and guests. The scheduled appointments can be set in both local and foreign time zones so you can easily keep up depending on your locations. And you can now get the intuitive event images that come in 27 matching languages. Thus, making your added entries a lot more intuitive and comprehensible.

And for those of you who are looking for more with DigiCal Calendar Agenda, you can choose to unlock the DigiCal+ which requires in-app purchases. Here, users can get themselves 2 extra views and widgets for monthly uses. Plus, the year view will now feature a heat map for analyzing busy or unoccupied periods. And you can now choose to unlock the new customizations for the calendar widgets and views. The added themes and theme colors will also make your in-app experiences more interesting. And of course, no ads will be featured in DigiCal Calendar Agenda, so you can have a better time enjoying its features.

The included digital planner is a great way to get organized and keep track of your schedule. You can use it to plan your day, week, or month. The planner includes a calendar, a to-do list, and a notes section. You can also set goals and track your progress.

The simple interface with easy-to-see colors is the outstanding feature of Calendar. Users will be marked directly on the virtual calendar board, make changes to the reminder content and record many tasks to be done during the day. Different age-appropriate chores will be added to help you manage your time well. Appointments and gatherings are also recorded according to automatic commands that you do not need to fill in the traditional way.

Note: if the widget shows "Problem loading widget" after updating, please restart your deviceA simple, stylish and highly customizable digital clock and weather widget.- Options to show location-based current weather, weather forecast, severe weather alerts and air quality information- Choose between small (2x2), big (4x3), wide (4x1) and tall (2x3) resizable widget styles with 18 possible fonts- Adjust the time and date font color and size and select your preferred time and date format- Option to launch your alarm app, calendar app, your favourite weather app, or any app of your choosing by tapping parts of the widget- Option to add clickable icons launching up to 6 of your most used apps (app usage times are calculated via the AccessibilityService API) or up to 6 apps of your choosing- Option to show semi-transparent backplate with adjustable color- Back up & restore settings- Paid "Premium" upgrade that unlocks options for:- 25 additional fonts + a custom user-added font option - Showing current time and weather in multiple locations / time zones- Showing battery level info- Weather notifications- Adjustable text transparency level- Adjustable backplate transparency level- Removes advertisementsNote: Please keep in mind that adding the shortcut to the settings window to your home screen will not automatically add the actual widget to your home screen! If you don't know how to add the widget to your home screen, please use the "Help" option in the settings window.If you have a question or a problem with the app, please contact us via email ([email protected]). We will gladly help you.Note: The required permissions are necessary for:- Downloading location-based current weather, weather forecast, severe weather alerts and air quality information- Letting the user use custom fonts (Premium only)- The Premium in-app purchase- Backing up & restoring settings- Location data may be used for providing you more relevant ads- Access the correct next alarm's time set by Samsung's Clock app- Determining which are your most used apps (for the App links functionality)Help us translate the app in your language or improve the current translation by going to: _clock_xperia_translateNote: On some devices you may have to restart your device after installing for the widget to show up in the widget list!

Calendario DigiCal apk + data (unlocked) ha sido descargado 5.000.000+ desde 25 de enero de 2021. Es gratis y el tamaño del archivo es 11.63 MB. Ofertas en compras de aplicaciones, los usuarios lo calificaron con 4/5 estrellas con más 151528 calificaciones.

Calendar apps offer a lot more than just event reminders. While any calendar app can keep track of social events, deadlines, and appointments, it's usually worth exploring the options available on the Play Store rather than settling for the app that comes pre-installed on your phone. Unlike the basic options, some calendar apps are tailored towards a specific purpose, like calendar sharing or task management. We've gathered a list of the best calendar apps for Android, from reliable all-rounders like Google Calendar to more niche apps like TimeTree.

Alongside a calendar app, it's worth finding a task management app that works best for you. Many of these apps integrate with calendar apps, so you can find the perfect pairing to best organize your life.

Google Calendar's integration with other Google apps means that it'll suggest names, locations, and contact details when you add events. It can even scan Gmail for emails containing event information (e.g., flights or meetings) and automatically add them to your calendar.

Simple Calendar is one of the best open source calendar apps available on Android. While other apps try to pack in as many features as possible, Simple Calendar keeps things, well, simple! But don't be afraid of losing out on features. While it may not boast smart suggestions or Material You design, it gives you enough options to customize the app to your liking. It's also part of the Simple Mobile Tools suite of apps so that you can have an open-source ecosystem with a coherent theme.

Calengoo is a versatile calendar app that can appear a little overwhelming at first due to the vast amount of customization options. One of its notable features is its range of 31 widgets (Google Calendar has 2). Each of these widgets can be further customized with options that allow you to change how your calendar looks completely. It's perfect for people who get frustrated with other apps' limitations. It's not just customization either; it's packed with features from Evernote integration to to-do lists within events.

Digical is for people who love Google's aesthetic but don't want to use their apps. It offers a clean, minimalist interface that offers Material You integration. The core app is free, but we recommend upgrading to DigiCal+ if you're going to use this as your primary calendar app. This premium version removes ads and includes features like a heat map to help spot free and busy periods and detailed weather forecasts. Plus, it'll only set you back $4.99

Calendar Notify isn't a dedicated calendar app; it's a companion app for your calendar app. Calendar Notify adds your upcoming events to your lock screen and status bar in a notification style window. It's ideal for people who juggle many events and need to know what's coming up at a glance. Extensive customization tools mean that you can tweak the app to show as much or as little information as you like and can change its theme in just a couple of taps. is a combination to-do list, planner, and calendar app. While many calendar apps offer similar features alongside a calendar, feels like three separate apps rolled into one. It's perfect for people who need a to-do list app, calendar app, and planner but hate constantly switching between apps. It doesn't suffer from an overload of features either, and it's cleverly designed to show you everything you need at a glance.

One Calendar is a great way to view all your calendars in one. It brings them together into an easy-to-read overview that can be viewed as a whole or calendar-by-calendar basis. While many calendar apps offer this feature, One Calendar's organized interface helps get a clear overview of all your events. However, it is a little light on features, so it might not be the best solution if you aren't using multiple calendars already.

TimeTree is a calendar app dedicated to sharing events with others. While other calendar apps allow you to add contacts to events or share an event, TimeTree also offers a host of features for those constantly organizing with groups. For example, each event has a chat room so that you can discuss it in a dedicated space, and you can create separate calendars for each of your groups. So, if you organize and share a lot of events, this is the app for you.

While your pre-installed calendar app can help you with basic needs, you'll be better off using a specific app like and TimeTree if you're still struggling to stay organized. And if the idea of Simple Calendar's open source nature appeals to you, but you're not a fan of the app, there are other open source calendar apps available. As always, this list is ever-evolving as new apps become available. What are your go-to calendar apps?

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